About Us

Galaxy Accessories by KOAMTAC is the one stop shop for all your Samsung Galaxy B2B Phone and Tablet needs. KOAMTAC is a recognized global partner of the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program (SMAPP).

More About KOAMTAC

KOAMTAC’s KDC Bluetooth barcode scanners and mobile POS companions are the world’s most compact yet durable and dependable data collectors on the market today. KOAMTAC’s products are backed by a team of Class A engineers driven by innovation and excellence to maintain the company’s leadership status in Bluetooth barcode scanning technology.

Our mission is simple: to make the best, easy-to-use, competitively-priced Bluetooth barcode scanners to help companies increase productivity, and cut time and costs. The increasing BYOD trend- companies having their employees bring their own devices to work- is opening up even more potential for cost savings by pairing KOAMTAC’s KDCs with employees’ smartphones.

The KDC revolutionized the marketplace when it was introduced and continues to do so, with the introduction of new models in the product line that deliver cutting-edge scanning solutions and applications.

KOAMTAC’s U.S. office is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey.

Powerful Partnerships

KOAMTAC has built an impressive global portfolio and continues to add to its growing list of satisfied clients. Due to non-disclosure agreements we have with those clients, we can’t tell you exactly who they are, but we can tell you that thousands of KOAMTAC’s KDCs are being used every day in virtually every industry across the globe.


Certain KDC products may be covered by the following issued US patents numbers 7769917, 7954710, 8126399, 8295368, 8346979, 8347366, 8371506, 8483614, 8832323, 9411366, 10500999, 2020/0128118 A1; Korea patents numbers 10-1383407, 10-1354252 and may be patent pending elsewhere, UK publication GB2492615, Korea publication 1020120128598.